• Peder Horner Competes In Cyclocross With Wound Up Team X CX Fork
  • Amy-Danger-Icelandic-Green-vintage-Cannondale-track-bike-with-the-Zephyr-carbon-fiber-fixie-fork-made-in-the-USA-by-Wound-Up-Composite-Cycles
  • Bombtrack-custom-bike-with-carbon-fiber-Team-X-cyclocross-fork-made-in-the-USA-by-Wound-Up-Composite-Cycles
  • Simworks Cyclocross Rider Plows Through Muddy Water on a Hunter CX Bike With Wound Up Zephyr Fork

Our Forks

Road. Cyclocross. Fixie. Tandem. Touring. All filament wound in Salt Lake City. Find 'em here.

Silver Cannondale fixed gear bike from Amy Danger sports the black carbon fiber Zephyr track fork made in the USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

Filament Winding

We believe it creates a superior carbon fiber composite. Learn more about our X-Wound process.Red painted Wound Up Composite Cycles Commuter light touring carbon fiber fork from Simworks

Made in the USA

Our artisans have been building forks for two decades. Click to learn more.Ra Sun God yellow Seven fixed gear track bike from Taylor Hurley of Mobius Cycle features the filament wound carbon fiber Zephyr fixie fork made in the USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

Wound Up Composite Cycles. We do carbon fiber forks.Hunter Simworks green cyclocross bike frame featuring carbon fiber filament wound Team X fork with canti bosses and carbon steerer tube made in the USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

Here at Wound Up Composite Cycles, we have the distinction of building the world's only filament wound carbon fiber forks, and we're proud of that distinction. So, kick back, peruse our site, and learn what makes a Wound Up carbon fork so uniquely great.Wound Up Composite Cycles Zephyr track fork on a Broakland fixie bike owned by Jenny Oh Hatfield