American-made carbon fiber bike forks.

Wound UpTM and Advanced Composites Inc.


Wound Up Composite Cycles is a carbon fiber bicycle brand developed and manufactured by Advanced Composites, Inc. of Salt Lake City, Utah. As such, Wound Up benefits from the economies of scale wielded by a major composites manufacturer. Because of ACI's size and scope, Wound Up has access to sophisticated filament winding and CNC equipment that a smaller builder would be unlikely to acquire. Consequently, Wound Up enjoys a unique position within the bike industry: top-notch fabrication capabilities combined with an obsession for cycling and fastidious attention to detail.hampsten-custom-bike-with-wound-up-carbon-fiber-fork

Big production capabilities. Small scope.

Although Advanced Composites Inc. produces a variety of bicycle tubing components for world-class brands, Wound Up has always primarily been about forks. And, with the fabrication capacity of ACI, we make a lot of them. We've been doing so for twenty years. We've set the bar for how a carbon fiber fork should perform. With such specificity of focus, we preoccupy ourselves with building the best forks on the planet. We make them sturdy enough to perform safely over years of hard use. We continually refine the technologies and material sciences behind them. Our testing processes are merciless and our quality thresholds exceed any governmental or industry standard.

Not just assembled in the USA

aluminum-machined-disc-tabs-for-wound-up-carbon-composite-forksWe realize that domestic manufacture is good branding. That's why so many companies are eager to trumpet their products as made in thecarbon-fiber-bike-forks-with-aluminum-dropoutsUSA, even if they are only merging a few parts that have been shipped from factories in, say, Taiwan. In our case, however, the claim is 100% legitimate. We bring in US-made fibers, epoxies, resins and aluminum. We send out US-made forks. Every fork, down to its constituent components*, is literally crafted from raw materials in Salt Lake City. We even machine our own crowns, disc tabs, dropouts and canti bosses!

*We do, however, incorporate premade eyelets on some forks. Just trying to be strictly honest here, people.

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