Wound Up Composite Cycles carbon fiber filament wound Team X cyclocross bike fork with canti brake bossesThe Wound Up carbon fiber fork designed for cyclocross competition.Cyclocross racer Beeson carries Six Eleven CX bike with Wound Up Composite Cycles carbon fiber Team X fork

Cyclocross. Off-road with no suspension. Prepare to be destroyed. Unless, of course, you're riding Wound Up's Team X filament-wound carbon fiber fork. This beast is in a league of its own.

Team X carbon fork for CX. A natural selection.

For the brutal demands of a CX course, why wouldn't you choose the Team X cyclocross fork? Naturally, you're going to want Wound Up's round fork leg geometry and the crosswoven carbon composite matrix created by the Advanced Composites Inc. filament winding process. You're going to love the way that this carbon fork handles rough terrain. The Wound Up Team X fork is, after all, designed and manufactured by a company that makes critical aircraft components for several high-profile aerospace and defense projects involving companies such as Boeing and Airbus. We build the Team X on the same equipment, with the same precision, using the same manufacturing technologies, as we do our aerospace structures. If we can craft a component that meets and exceeds  ultra-stringent aerospace requirements, we should be able to make the world's most durable, best-performing carbon fiber cyclocross fork. And we do.Wound Up Composite Cycles carbon fiber filament wound Team X cyclocross bike fork with anodized aluminum crown and disc brake tab

Rough sport. Smooth fork.

Cyclocross is unforgiving, but your carbon fork doesn't have to be. The filament wound carbon fiber composition of the Team X fork endows it with optimal strength and torsional rigidity, giving the Team X superior resistance to deformation. Its supreme lateral rigidity stabilizes your turns and channels your kinetic output into your drivetrain instead of leaching it into the ground. This translates into more steering control, more power out of the saddle, and less jarring from the rough terrain. Simworks cyclocross competitor charges through puddle with Team X canti fork made of filament wound carbon fiber construction by Wound Up Composite CyclesWith your skull considerably less rattled, you may even form a lucid thought or two as you charge some hellish descent. For example, how glad you are to have the Team X working for you, instead of for the guy getting his brains jellied behind you.denvercx-Peder-Horner-hurdles-cyclocross-obstacle-with-cx-bike-featuring-the-Team-X-carbon-fiber-cyclocross-fork-from-Wound-Up-Composite-Cycles

A carbon CX fork like no other.

Wound Up's Team X cyclocross fork is the only filament wound carbon CX fork on the market. The Advanced Composites Inc. filament winding process involves overlaying continuous carbon fiber filaments under high tension in a crosswoven matrix designed for maximum stability. Other carbon cyclocross forks, created with other manufacturing methods, lack the specific material profile that only filament winding can create. 

Top of the cyclocross food chain.


Because of its unique formation, the Team X has an evolutionary edge over other cyclocross forks. Its brute strength and agility create an advantage that almost seems unfair. But, hey, nothing is fair in the history of evolutionary competition, either. In cyclocross, just as in nature, you always want to race—and win—another day.Simworks cyclocross competitor rides CX bike featuring the carbon fiber Team X cyclocross fork made in the USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

CX disc fork or CX canti fork?

Take your pick. You can't go wrong with either brake configuration. Most likely, you already have your preference. That's why Wound Up Composite Cycles offers the Team X fork in a disc brake or canti brake option. Because, in the heat of cyclocross, you want your carbon CX fork tailored to your personal preferences so that you can forget all about it and focus on winning!Simworks cyclocross bike frame featuring Wound Up Composite Cycles carbon fiber Team X cx fork with canti brake bosses