Wound Up

Team X. It's a natural selection.

wound-up-carbon-fiber-cyclocross-fork-as-rider-struggles-up-demanding-hillTwenty years ago, the Team X emerged as the apex of engineered cyclocross perfection, and has continued to prove itself since. From the bogs of SeaTac to the tundra of Poprad, the Team X has clawed out some of the sport's most impressive wins, including the National Championship and World Cup podium placements.

Rough sport. Smooth fork.wound-up-carbon-fiber-cyclocross-fork-ridden-around-cone

Cyclocross is unforgiving, but your fork doesn't have to be. Like all Wound Up forks, the Team X is made in the USA of filament-wound continuous carbon fibers embedded in a resin matrix. The fibers are crosswoven for optimal strength and torsional rigidity, giving the Team X superior resistance to deformation. Its supreme lateral rigidity stabilizes your turns and channels your kinetic output into your drivetrain instead of leaching it into the ground. As the only filament-wound carbon fiber cyclocross fork on the market, it absords shocks and vibrations better than its competitors. With your skull considerably less rattled, you may even form a lucid thought or two as you charge some hellish descent. For example, how glad you are to have the Team X working for you, instead of for the guy getting his brains jellied behind you.

Top of the food chain.


Because of its unique formation, Six-Eleven-cyclocross-racer-with-wound-up-carbon-fiber-forkthe Team X has an evolutionary edge over other cyclocross forks. Its brute strength and agility create an advantage that almost seems unfair. But, hey, nothing is fair in the history of evolutionary competition, either. In cyclocross, just as in nature, you always want to race—and win—another day.



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