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Bike maintenance

3 Essential Bike Maintenance Tips

Road wheelers, mountain bikers, racers and all manner of cyclists have two things in common, the first being the insatiable desire to get out into the world and cruise. The second commonality that cyclists have is a need for bike maintenance.

Crucial Bike Maintenance Tips

One of the most disappointing and frustrating things that a bicyclist can experience is getting excited to get out on their bike only to find that the bike is dysfunctional or to get on the road only to have their bike break down. We at Wound Up Forks are here to help you nip bike maintenance issues in the bud. Continue reading for 4 bike maintenance tips that will keep your bike in good shape this summer and every season to follow.

Inspect Your Bike

Inspections are one of the most important parts of maintaining your bike’s condition. Taking a quick look at the different components of your bike before every ride can help avoid accidents later. A good component checklist includes tires, chains, bolts, and brakes. It is important to check the air pressure of your tires before every ride. You can tell if a tire is properly pumped up if it is firm when you press on it with your hands. You can also check the air pressure with a bike pump.

Next make sure that your bike chain is secure and running smoothly. It is important that your chain and your bolts are properly tightened so that parts will not come loose while cycling. Lastly, checking your brakes can mean the difference between an accident and a regular ride. To check your brakes, squeeze the front and back brake levers to see if the brakes engage correctly. If the hand brakes do not touch the grips when they are employed, then they are working. Be sure to check that both the front and back brakes engage.

Keep Your Bike Clean & Lubricated

Inspecting your bike should be part of your regular bike riding routine. However, it is also important to make cleaning and lubricating your bicycle a priority. Keeping your bicycle clean minimizes dirt and grease buildup on your bike’s delicate mechanical parts. Make sure to wash your bike down with soap and water after riding through a muddy area or for maintenance purposes on occasion. It is also crucial to keep your bike parts lubricated so that they can fully perform. Lubricant protects bike parts from freezing up, friction, and corrosion.

Bike maintenance

Know The Parts of Your Bike & Update Them When Necessary

There is something to be said for having personal knowledge about your bike parts. Different bike parts have different lifespans, but if you choose the right starting parts, many bikes will last for years. Picking quality bike forks, handlebars, and bike frames will help your bike last much longer in harder conditions. However, other parts such as chains, wheels, and brakes are likely to have more turnover. Read here for more information about bike parts.

Upgrade Your Bike Fork Today With Wound Up Forks

If you are looking to replace your bike fork or are interested in learning more about how to care for your bike this summer, then continue following along with us at Wound Up Forks. We are committed to providing our customers with quality bike forks that are prepared to help riders be strong enough to beat any competition and climb any mountain. Choose us at Wound Up Composites to be your first choice for bike maintenance information. For more details about us at Wound Up Forks or to check out our stylish carbon bike forks, feel free to check out our website today.

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