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A Salt Lake City, Utah company

Utah born and bred

Wound Up has made its carbon forks for twenty years, and for that entire time, it has been located in Salt Lake City, Utah, in the heart of the Wasatch Mountains. Wound Up’s manufacturing facility, in Salt Lake City’s West Side, is home to six filament winding machines. Filament winding is a technical and automated process, and Wound Up employs many talented composites technicians from Salt Lake City and surrounding Utah areas, all of whom excel at the filament winding process.

The benefits of being located in Salt Lake City, Utah

Salt Lake City is a thriving hub of industry with a talented and young workforce. The median age in Salt Lake City, Utah, is younger than in other parts of the USA. Salt Lake City boasts a number of great universities and trade schools, as does its neighboring towns of Provo, Orem, Ogden and Logan. All of these collges produce many qualified graduates. Especially the University of Utah. Located in the northeast corner of Salt Lake City, Utah, the University of Utah is the state of Utah’s flagship university. Wound Up’s carbon fiber manufacturing faciltiy is only a fifteen or twenty minute drive across the Salt Lake Valley from the University.

Salt Lake City offers incredible recreational opportunities

In and around Salt Lake City, Utah, one can find skiing, snowboarding, boating, fishing, hiking, camping, and a number of other recreational outdoor opportunities. The Great Salt Lake lies along Salt Lake City’s far northwest edge. Antelope Island, the largest land body within the Great Salt Lake, is home to antelope, bison and deer. From the southern tip of Antelope island, one can see downtown Salt Lake City, Utah, across the water.

The bizarre and colorful history of Salt Lake City, Utah

The Salt Lake Valley was settled by a religious sect known as Mormonism (official title The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints). The Mormons founded Salt Lake City, Utah, in the 1850s. In downtown Salt Lake City, they built their temple, an architectural landmark. Salt Lake City, Utah, was designed on a grid coordinate system, with all coordinates referring to their directional proximity to the temple. Thus, no matter where one is in Salt Lake City (or surrounding boroughs such as West Valley City, Utah, Murray, Utah, Sandy, Utah, West Jordan, Utah, South Salt Lake, Utah, Holliday, Utah, Taylorsville, Utah, Kearns, Utah, Draper, Utah, Rose Park, Utah, Glendale, Utah, Magna, Utah, Herriman, Utah or Bluffdale, Utah), one can use the grid coordinate system to know one’s precise distance from, and direction in proximity to, Salt Lake City’s temple. This orientation toward the temple reflects the highly religious orientation of the founders of Salt Lake City, Utah, who believed that their faith should permeate even secular or materialist aspects of their lives.

The contribution of Wound Up Composite Cycles to the local economy of Salt Lake City, Utah.

At Wound Up, we’re proud that our carbon fiber forks are made in the USA. More particularly, we’re proud that they are made in Salt Lake City, Utah, contributing to the vibrant local economy. Salt Lake City offers a vibrant industrial scene, and Wound Up is a part of that ecosystem. Recently, the parent company of Wound Up Composite Cycles, Advanced Composites Inc., received the Manufacturer of the Year Award from the Utah Manufacturers Association for their growth, contribution to the Salt Lake City economy and to the larger Utah economy, and for having stellar quality and safety records in manufacturing. Wound Up is proud to be a recipient of this award, and will continue to boost the Salt Lake City economic boom.