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 Jan 2016: Amy Danger uses carbon Wound Up fork on newest Cannondale bike.

Amy Danger green cannondale fixed gear bike with Wound Up carbon Zephyr track and fixie fork

Amy Danger (Instagram handle @adangerpdx) is famous in cycling circles for her vintage bike builds. Her latest creation is, in her own words, “a flawless, 1995 Cannondale Track frame in the elusive Icelandic Green color way.”

Blowing up the fixed-gear bike world.

This bike is receiving significant attention on Amy Danger’s  Flickr feedher Instagram feed, the Wound Up Forks Instagram feed, and various cycling, vintage bike and fixed gear blogs, sites and publications. For example, Pedal Consumption, Locked Cog, and Pedal Room.

Wound Up carbon track fork and vintage Cannondale fixie bike: perfect.

Amy Danger green Cannondale fixed gear bike with Wound Up carbon Zephyr track and fixie fork with anodized aluminum crown

Amy Danger Icelandic green Cannondale fixed gear bike with Wound Up carbon fiber black Zephyr track fork

We at Wound Up Composite Cycles feel that Amy made the right choice when she paired our Zephyr track fork with her sweet build. After all, the straight profile of our carbon fork matches the linear geometry of the Cannondale frame, while the black carbon fiber fork legs (and black anodized aluminum crown) match the black Shamal wheelsets and give an appealing accent to the green frame color.

Amy’s Cannondale track bike components.

In addition to the Wound Up carbon fiber track fork, Amy’s build includes:

  • Cannondale frame, of course: 1995, 55cm
  • Crankset: Campagnolo
  • Drivetrain/cog/chainring: Campagnolo
  • Handlebars/stem: Deda Pista/Thomson
  • Saddle/Seatpost: Flite Ti/Thompson
  • Wheels/hubs/tires: Campagnolo Shamal Track, black

Amy Danger rides on the oceanfront on her green cannondale fixed gear bike with Wound Up carbon fiber black Zephyr track fork

Amy on why she chose the Wound Up carbon fiber track fork.

“The Zephyr is my fork of choice for my track bikes that are built for street use. My favorite way to enjoy a track bike is bombing around downtown and over Portland’s many bridges. The Cannondale Track is notoriously stiff and will rattle your fillings out, but the Zephyr smooths the edges without compromising the quick handling I love in a track bike. Running in traffic is a dream on this fork: responsive, stiff and just enough rake to eliminate toe overlap. I am drawn to the clean lines of the fork and believe it adds a modern twist to an iconic, neo-classic frame. The fact that it is produced in the USA makes it the perfect complement to a frame also handbuilt in the USA.”

It’s not Amy’s first rodeo with Wound Up forks.

Amy’s created a number of gorgeous bikes over the years, many of which have included Wound Up forks. For example, this silver Cannondale track bike to the right. Or, this fabulous blue Cannondale track bike, below. Check out the A.Danger Flickr site for a ton more great shots of track bikes, many with Wound Up carbon forks!!Amy Danger custom blue Cannondale fixie bike with carbon fiber Zephyr track fork made in Salt Lake City Utah USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

March 7, 2015: Liebo Bicycles gets recognition at NAHBS 2015.


Dave Liebo included a set of custom Wound Up carbon forks on his crossover bike, which he showed off at this year’s North American Handmade Bicycle Show. Designed for road cycling, cyclocross competition or gravel grinder races, the Kitchunsync bike features carefully designed geometry that can be adjusted. For example, the wheelbase can be lengthened or shortened in order to optimize the bike for specific riding needs. Wound Up is proud that Liebo chose our carbon fork for its strength, stability and durability.

The Kitchunsync: an all-purpose bike featuring a Wound Up carbon fiber disc brake fork.

Liebo designed his Kitchunsync bike to be at home on the road, the cyclocross course, grinding gravel, commuting, touring and whatever else a cyclist can dream up to do on it! Wherever you want to ride a bike, this cycle should do the trick. And, with its Wound Up custom carbon fork, it will go anywhere with comfort and precision.

Past recall information for Woundup Forks

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Bicycling Magazine explores the role of carbon in bike manufacturing.Carbon fiber used in bicycle and bike frame manufacturing

Bicycling Magazine discusses the state of the bike manufacturing industry with regard to carbon fiber. The article is interesting and relevant, but it makes one important error. In stating that all carbon fiber used in bike manufacturing is formed as prepreg prior to use by bike makers, it omits the exception: Wound Up Composite Cycles uses carbon rovings directly wound and embedded in resin. This continuous fiber filament winding process creates a much sturdier bike fork than does prepreg bike manufacture.