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Before You Ride

Recommended Inspection Practices.

The proper inspection of your Wound Up™ carbon fork and components is critical. Before every ride, refer to the checklist below to inspect your Wound Up fork and components. This checklist does NOT cover all possible types of damage and is NOT a substitute for regular maintenance performed by a certified bicycle shop mechanic. The checklist is intended to assist the rider in what to look for in potential compromises to the fork’s proper operation and the rider’s safety.

  • Inspect entire exterior of carbon fork for damage. Check for scratches, abrasions, gouges or other disruptions of the fork’s carbon surface.
  • Check for cracks or flaking in the paint or clear coat, which could indicate damage to the carbon fiber structure.
  • Check all fork crown areas for cracks and/or gaps.
  • Check for any unusual noises or rattles.
  • Check for loose, bent or otherwise compromised dropouts. Brake safety tab on the dropout should never be removed (i.e. filed off).
  • Check brakes for poor braking and for insecure or disconnected cables.


If any of the above conditions is noted through inspection, DO NOT RIDE YOUR BIKE! Bring it to your local bike shop and/or contact Wound Up Composite Cycles.