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Commuter Light Touring Fork

The Commuter Fork. A carbon fork to get around on.

The commuter fork allows you to cruise the city. Commute to the office, factory, warehouse, or wherever you may happen to be employed. Tour the highways, byways and back roads in comfort. On the carbon fiber Commuter fork, you will notice a substantial reduction in shimmy and an increase in fun. Whether you’re on a shopping errand or a road trip, the Commuter fork’s carbon fiber filament wound construction makes for a pretty terrific ride. So terrific, in fact, that you may find yourself reluctant to dismount once you arrive.

Simworks orange painted Commuter fork made of carbon fiber filament wound construction by Wound Up Composite CyclesYour all-purpose commuter fork for your bike.

Trekking to the farmer’s market. Doing an over-nighter to your favorite National Forest. Enjoying  a mellow ride with family and friends. The Commuter will take you in comfort, secure that you can handle whatever the road brings. It absorbs and dissipates vibration, and also provides superior torsional stiffness. You will feel a boost in power transfer for sharp acceleration. If you’re taking extended trips—or commuting several times a week—on your bike, your body will thank you for the Commuter from Wound Up.

Stayin’ alive with the Commuter fork’s rugged carbon construction.

The roads are dangerous enough; why submit to poor handling and bad vibrations? Optimize your riding experience by riding Wound Up’s X-Wound carbon technology. You’ll feel the difference. Go on: treat yourself to the engineering marvel that is the Commuter light touring carbon fork.

Simworks-Retrotec-Inglis-Cycles-commuter-bike-with-Commuter-light-touring-fork-made-in-the-USA-by-Wound-Up-Composite-Cycles-of-Salt-Lake-City-UtahUSA! American-made carbon fiber touring bike forks.

As with all of Wound Up’s carbon forks, the Commuter light touring fork is engineered and manufactured in Salt Lake City, Utah, to the highest quality standards. So high, in fact, that the carbon fiber composite material is aerospace-grade. The filament winding process with which the forks are fabricated, likewise, is the same process with which Advanced Composites Inc. manufactures high-performance carbon composite aerospace parts for demanding applications. So, ride securely, knowing you’ve got the best composite materials and the finest engineering in your Wound Up Commuter carbon fork.