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Duo 2 Forks

The Duo 2. More carbon in this tandem fork.

The Duo 2 is Wound Up’s compression molded upgrade to the Duo. The Duo II tandem fork features the first filament-wound, all carbon crown in the industry. With so much carbon, we’ve shaved off a chunk of weight. This monster is just as strong as its predecessor, with considerably less mass. Amazingly light, yet plenty strong enough for the demands placed on it by two adult riders taking a steep downhill corner. Plenty strong for the torsional forces that it experiences when you brake sharply while it carries four hundred and fifty pounds. We know, because, in our testing, we make sure that it will handle way more than you’ll ever throw at it in its intended use.


Two processes. One fine carbon fiber tandem fork.

We make the Duo II in the USA, as we do all of our forks. Our X-Wound carbon composite technology optimizes the material properties of the carbon matrix in unique ways. Combine that with an all-carbon crown. Then use a compression-molding process to bind the crown, legs and steerer. The result is magic. We call it the Duo 2.