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Duo Tandem Carbon Fork

The original carbon fiber tandem bike fork.

Wound Up Composite Cycles was the first to develop a tandem-specific carbon fork. Today, the Duo still rules as the carbon fork of choice for discerning tandem owners.da-Vinci-Cycles-Tandem-bike-with-Duo-carbon-tandem-fork-made-in-the-USA-by-Wound-Up-Composite-Cycles

The Duo carbon fork: a plush ride for two.

With the weight of two adults bearing down, you’ll want the toughness of Wound Up’s filament-wound carbon construction. Introduced in 2001, our tandem fork was a first in the industry. It’s still the only carbon fiber tandem-specific fork to be filament-wound. And in the USA, no less. Stronger and safer than other carbon fiber forks. Superior torsional rigidity. Awesome dampening of road shudder. The Duo’s gleaming aluminum crown and matching dropouts contrast smartly with the crosshatched look of its filament-wound, polished and clear-coated carbon legs. Or, you can opt for the Duo Noir, with anodized aluminum dropouts, crown and canti bosses. Then there’s the Duo 2with its compression molded carbon fiber crown. Regardless of which Duo you choose, you’ll get the renowned vibratory dissipation that has become a Wound Up signature.The Duo is ONLY available in a canti brake configuration. If you’d like a filament-wound carbon-fiber tandem fork with disc brake tab, go with the Duo 2.

Carbon fiber Duo tandem fork made in the USA by Wound Up Composite CyclesTandem cycling: share the experience.

Tandem riding is unlike any other form of cycling. Two bodies cranking away at one bike. When you get into the flow, the synchronization seems effortless. The two of you generate phenomenal power together. You don’t want a shoddy fork under you for this. You don’t want to feel every scratch in the road. You don’t want your fork to vibrate around a curve. In fact, the only thing you want from your fork is for it to function so well that you forget you have a fork. No shudder. No vibration. Only smooth riding. That’s what the Duo carbon tandem fork from Wound Up Composite Cycles gives you. So you can immerse yourself in the tandem cycling experience.