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Fork Maintenance

Wound Up recommendations for carbon bike forks maintenance.

Wound Up™ recommends the following as part of a routine six-month maintenance program through your local bike shop:

Do the following carbon fork maintenance routine twice per year.

  • The fork, steerer tube and fork crown area should be examined for signs of impact damage and/or fatigue stress.
  • The steerer and fork crown area should be cleaned and properly lubricated. After cleaning, we recommend that Boeshield T-9 (or comparable) be applied to the full length of a 1” steel steer tube and to the steel steerer insert connecting the crown to 1”or 1-1/8” carbon steerers. Allow this solution to dry and then thoroughly lube the bearing race with water-resistant grease.
  • For polishing aluminum crowns and dropouts, use Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish, or an equivalent. Use a soft cloth for optimum results.
  • Fork blades are coated with a high quality urethane topcoat and can be polished using a mirror glaze polishing compound (like Meguiars Mirror Glaze #205 Ultra Finishing Polish) for best shine.

    Carbon bike fork no-nos.

  • NEVER use solvents or harsh chemicals on your carbon fork for cleaning and/or removing decals. The chemicals can damage the finish and can compromise the structural integrity of the carbon fiber.