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Road X Fork

Road-cyclist-powers-up-a-hill-atop-a-Wound-Up-carbon-fiber-Road-X-bike-forkRoad X carbon fiber road cycling fork.

As the world’s only filament-wound carbon road fork, the Road X sets the standard for safety and ride quality. Prepare to be amazed: its insane strength-to-weight ratio offers an unforgettable ride. The Road X is just that lush.

The original carbon Wound Up fork. Road X.

Twenty years ago, Wound Up released its carbon fiber road fork into an unsuspecting world. Cycling hasn’t been the same since. Our manufacturing process revolutionized the industry in the nineties. Today, the Road X continues to set the bar for superior carbon fork design and function.

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This carbon road fork is substantial enough.

We designed the Road X to take whatever the road brings. Shoot corners without a wobble. Barely notice that rough patch. Whoop with ecstasy at the responsive handling.  Laugh at other riders, secretly or with gusto. Or not, depending on your propensity for schadenfreude. Heck, we won’t judge you. It’s normal to have difficulty containing yourself atop such perfection. The Road X is sufficiently muscular for suave and confident handling, while still being as light as possible. Our optimally-oriented carbon fiber filament winding process bestows a higher torsional stiffness than other carbon manufacturing techniques. The Road X isn’t the lightest carbon fork on the road, nor is it trying to be. It is, however, trying to be the most responsive, athletic, forgiving, rigid and stable ride available. And safe: we refuse to endanger our riders by competing in the arms race of ultralight carbon design. Our aim: engineer this fork to be substantial enough, without sacrificing performance. Judging by our fan feedback, we hit the bullseye.

Moss Bikes Davies bicycle wins award with carbon fiber fork made in the USA by Wound Up Composite Cycles

Go with nimble. Avoid wispy carbon forks.

Obsessing over small weight variances is so 2009, anyways. Unless you’re an elite racer, (in which case you’ll be throwing your carbon fork away at the end of each season), are you going to notice a few ounces? The only thing you’ll notice about the Road X is that it rides like silk, with surgical responsiveness, lightning acceleration and phenomenal power transfer out of the saddle. You’ll notice how much more of your expended energy goes into propelling your bike forward instead of dissipating via road judder. And, as the years roll on, you’ll notice how it still works like we intended it to. Wound Up does not make disposable carbon forks. We want you to enjoy your investment for a very long time. The plush ride of the Road X will make featherweight carbon forks feel positively apocalyptic in comparison. If you’ve had enough of the shimmy-shakes and want the most agile, best handling fork in the world, get atop a Road X today!Eric Baumann Royal H Cycles bike featuring painted carbon fiber fork from Wound Up Composite Cycles